Battery Tender OBDII Accessory Cable

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The OBDII connector is a standard connection point to the battery on all new vehicles that will allow you to set the 5 watt panel on your dash and charge / maintain your vehicle battery from inside the vehicle.

- This connector allows you to charge your vehicle's battery through the OBDII port, eliminating the need to get under your hood and connect to the battery directly- Great for use with Battery Tender solar panel chargers with built-in microprocessors: simply place the solar panel in the sun and connect to charge and maintain your battery safely from inside the vehicle
- Connecting through the OBDII port is effective for battery charging even when the key is off, unlike charging through the cigarette adaptor which only works with the key in an 'on' position
- The OBDII connector cord is 22 inches from the connection to the charger to the OBDII port and is fused for safety
- This connector should not be used with any battery charger 3.0 amp and greater, as it could damage the OBDII port

Warranty 14 Days
Length (in.) 1
Width (in.) 3
Height (in.) 3
Weight (lb.) 0.450000
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