Eagle Performance Series 36v 48v 15 Amp Smart Golf Cart Charger

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The Eagle Performance Series i36154815 is an auto sensing 36v 15-Amp or 48v 15-amp portable smart golf cart charger. The Eagle i36154815 features DeltaVolt charging technology that chargers the batteries fuller giving the batteries more runtime, which typically extends the life of the batteries. The Pro Charging Systems i36154815 is a versatile charger that ships with an SB50 connector directly in the housing. This flexibility allows the customer to select the proper accessory cable for their golf cart and offers you the ability to charge more than one type of golf cart or 36v / 48v application with the same charger. The charger has an LED light which indicates the charging status: Charging, Charging Complete, or a Blinking Charging Fault. Once the charger has fully charged the battery pack the Eagle turns off completely a goes into a maintenance mode. Should the batteries discharge the Eagle Charger automatically reactivates the charge circuit and bring the batteries back to 100% charge. Eagle Performance Series Chargers use a proprietary method of adjusting charge algorithm to compensate for temperature thus improving battery charge quality and safety.
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