PRO Charging System i7212OB E.P.S. On-Board 12A per output

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I7212OB (Charger)
72V 12Ah Dual Pro Eagle Industrial Battery Pack Charger On-BoardWe are proud to add Dual Pro chargers to it's already stacked lineup of products. As a matter of fact, Dual Pro chargers are the only chargers that charge your batteries to 100% specific gravity every charge. Dual Pro chargers adjust current in the absorption and finish stages based on the battery's communication with the chargerThe 72 volt, 12 amp Eagle Performance Series chargers are specially designed for use in the industrial and electric vehicle markets. With over 18 years of experience in manufacturing the legendary Dual ProTM charging systems, Pro Charging Systems chargers have become known as the name in charging technologies. Dual Pro is proud that these safe, reliable, and efficient battery chargers are made in the USA.Features You may need a specific charger plug for your electric vehicle, For use with Lead Acid (Wet/AGM) batteries, Easily reconfigured for Gelled Electrolyte batteries, Battery type LED indicator, Designed for tough duty applications, Dependable, rugged construction, Exclusive temperature compensation, Water resistant and fan cooled, Fully automatic with float maintenance, Reverse polarity spark free operation, Return to charge maintenance mode, Exclusive on board diagnostics, High visibility, easy to read charge indicators, Optional Universal A/C input, Specifications Output Banks: 1, Input Voltage: 120VAC, Output Voltage: 72V, Current: 12Ah, Temperature Range: 32-115 ?F, Warranty: 3 years, Includes: This unit comes with a standard 50-amp Anderson SB50 connector
Weight 33.00
Width 8.5
Length 8.5
Height 5.75
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